Cameleoncoin is a new, cutting edge innovation with an ever changing content and a continuously rising value. 20% of Cameleoncoin is composed of Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency in existence, 10% of Ethereum, the second most valued cryptocurrency, and the rest of it made up of all the other popular and trusted cryptocurrencies on the market.

The value of Cameleoncoin is determined by the value of all the different cryptocurrencies it is copmposed of. Our team of experts uphold a continuous research of cryptocurrencies, rates, news and information from other stock exchanges. That allows us to make the best choices on which currencies should be included as a part of Cameleoncoin and in what quantities. Bitcoin in itself is a good investment, but even better is to divide the Bitcoin into several different cryptocurrencies. Cameleoncoin contains only the best of the best on the market of cryptocurrency, and that coupled with our trading strategy can make it the investment of a lifetime.


In the cryptocurrency market the rise in rates can sometimes multiply their value in a single day. We have our eye on the stocks and currencies continuously and the permanent objective of buying low and selling high. We trade all the time and all of our trades are displayed on our website, in real time. That changes the composition of Cameleoncoin.

The composition and the rates of Cameleoncoin are easily followed on the "CHART" page. All active members can buy or sell Bitcoin and Cameleoncoin quickly and easily. Registering to the website is completely free of charge. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency values can be followed on "" pages.


We think that Bitcoin is currently a cracking investment. The rate of Bitcoin has recently shown more stability than the US stock index, Japanese yen or even gold! The global market is unstable, and the Bitcoin has turned into a safe haven for investing, much like gold has been for decades. Bitcoin as a currency is the digital equivalent of gold.

The amount of Bitcoin is strictly limited and more can’t be just printed out of nowhere like regular currency. The traditional cash money is getting used less and less, and the Bitcoin is very much the digital version of hard cash. That means its popularity, and therefore its value, will rise hand in hand with the disappearance of cash. Bitcoin transactions are more and more popular globally. Especially in India and China the use of Bitcoin has grown explosively.


Bitcoin’s future looks very bright indeed. What many people do not know is that a so-called Lightning Network is being built on top of the Bitcoin net. That will increase Bitcoin’s capacity almost thousandfold! Bitcoin purchases should be done before the network is launched as the rates will most probably raise radically once the network goes public. The estimated schedule is at some point during year 2017.

Investor Raoul Pal recently gave an interview on Real Vision Television. He told about his studies on Bitcoin and had concluded that they may be valued up to a million dollar per unit in the future. Even with a whopping 90% error margin one Bitcoin would still be worth 100 000$, making it extremely high profit investment with the current prices. Link to article