Cameleoncoin is a new, smart innovation with continuously raising value and a continuously changing composition. That is the reason behind the minimum projected profit goal for the first year being above 100%. We have the utmost trust in our product’s unique capacity of growth. Cameleoncoin is composed 20% of Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency in existence and 10% of Ethereum which is the second most popular of the digital currencies. The remaining 70% is composed of all the other popular cryptocurrencies, changing all the time and staying on top of investments to create the best increase in the rate. The value of Cameleoncoin is determined by the rates of all the currencies it is composed of.


As an example we will use a 5 000 €, 5 year compound investment with no withdrawal of the profits. The investment increases in value exponentially, and the investments value increases like the value of a diamond increases by its size. After the first year the investment is worth 10 000 €, after the second year 20 000 €, the third year increases it to 40 000 € and at the end of the fourth year it is already worth 80 000 €. Finally at the end of the fifth year it is worth 80 000 € doubled, making it worth 160 000 €!


The company’s view on Bitcoin is that it will drastically increase in value during the next three years and other cryptocurrencies may raise in value even faster. On the front page we have listed some of the main reasons we think Bitcoin is a good investment.

Ethereum has also shown that new and better cryptocurrencies are bound to appear on the market. Ethereum’s rate increase was drastic, increasing 1600% in value during the first three months after its release. Other currencies have even multiplied their values during a single day, increasing the pressure to purchase cryptocurrencies.

By investing in Cameleoncoin you are choosing the easiest way to purchase multiple cryptocurrencies at the same time, benefitting from the expertise of our professional traders.


Nordlink Invest Ltd has amalgamated the best qualities of each company model and cut out the qualities that hinder modern trading. We have built a simple business model and the product now known as Cameleoncoin. We offer our members an easy and manageable way of making profit on the ever growing market of cryptocurrency, adding a possibility of increasing their profits by their own contacts and sales skills via recommending and marketing the Cameleoncoin concept.

Cryptocurrencies are the most interesting investment in the current world of stocks and currencies, the megatrend of today. Our company’s belief in the Cameleoncoin product is so strong that the company stocks 10 000 to 100 000 Cameleoncoins all the time, paid by its own invested money. These Cameleoncoins are available for the purchase of members at the daily rate.

The rate can be monitored from the "CHART" page or by logging on to the member’s dashboard, from which you can also follow the member news.