A. Bitcoin is a type of digital currency. In digital, or “crypto” currencies, encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds. Bitcoin was founded in 2009, and it is the first of its kind. A pre-determined amount of 21 million Bitcoin will be available, without the chance of more being created or printed by any means. Bitcoin is often referred to as “the digital gold”.

Bitcoin is not controlled or governed by any independent organisation, it operates independently of a central bank. The accounts are public for everyone, as is the source code of Bitcoin. New Bitcoins are produced by so-called “mining”, using the computational capacity of the miners to uncover new “blocks” of Bitcoin. This computational power upholds the Bitcoin network, the largest cryptocurrency network of today, and the miners are rewarded with new Bitcoin. This network also holds the accounting and confirmations of transactions.

Bitcoin accounts are safe and cannot be frozen like credit cards, bank accounts, PayPal accounts etc. The statistics and trades can be followed at and more information on Bitcoin can be found on
A. Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world. The total amount of Ethereum will be 100 million, of which around 85 million have been mined already. The block chain of Ethereum has been divided into two, caused by the hacking of the DAO coin connected to Ethereum. The split has created the existence of two different currencies, the Ethereum (current market value estimated around one billion) and the Ethereum Classic (valued at 100 million). The block chains have been converted so that in the Ethereum chain the hacker lost the funds he managed to steal, whereas in Ethereum Classic he was able to keep the funds and the block chain remained in its original form.

The incident caused a momentary rate drop, but currently the combined market value of Ethereum and Ethereum Classic is more than it was before the hacking. At the moment of writing Ethereum remains the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world.
A. Cameleoncoin is a composite of cryptocurrencies, containing only the best of them. Cameleoncoin can be bought and sold only by the Lifetime Members. The value of Cameleoncoin is determined by the values of the cryptocurrencies it is composed of. Cameleoncoin is not affected by the total amount of coins but by their composition. Newly released Cameleoncoins are always charged with a value equivalent of Cameleoncoin’s current market value.

Cameleoncoin is a simple and easy way of dividing one’s cryptocurrency investments, letting the professionals do the trading and taking care of Cameleoncoin’s portfolio. Their aim is to make the best purchases to increase the value of Cameleoncoin and to create the largest possible income to the members and the company. The composition and rates of Cameleoncoin can be followed in real time at the "CHART" page.
A. New members have two weeks to make the payment for their Lifetime membership. The account will be automatically frozen if the payment has not been made within two weeks of joining.
A. Yes. As a member you will have an easy and accessible way of buying Bitcoin and you are free to move them from your own trading page to another member, to your Bitcoin wallet or to any other Bitcoin account.
A. No. A paid Lifetime membership will be valid even if one does not own any cryptocurrency. Without cryptocurrency ownership you are still entitled to a bonus from your downline according to the table on Bonuses, illustrated in the "PRODUCT" section.
A. Yes, a membership is valid without the ownership of any cryptocurrency. As a Lifetime member you are also entitled to the Bonuses from your downline, paid by the company.
A. Yes, a Lifetime member is entitled to his bonuses. Owning Bitcoin or Cameleoncoin is not mandatory, but it is recommended. The Bonuses will be considerably larger if you have ownership of Cameleoncoin.
A. Of course. Cameleoncoin does not limit your membership to any organisations or networks.
A. It is very safe. We store all the funds on offline wallets that are impossible to hack. The foundation of the company has been laid on a design of safety and reliability.
A. The Cameleoncoin funds in entirety are stored in the largest stock exchange of the world. The wealth of the exchange is stored within offline wallets, impenetrable by hackers. The information on the "CHART" page is direct from the Cameleoncoin account of the exchange, containing its portfolio.
A. The Cameleoncoin rate is determined by the value of cryptocurrencies it is composed of. The value is calculated twice every second according to the data from the exchange account and is publicly viewable at "CHART" page to members and non-members alike.
A. By registering as a member and sending a ticket from your own page. We respond to tickets as fast as possible.
A. New Cameleoncoins are created by the company making a Bitcoin transfer to the stock exchange. The amount of the transfer is then divided by the current rate of Cameleoncoin. When new Cameleoncoins are generated its BTC weight percentage rises momentarily.

The transfer does not affect the value of a single Cameleoncoin in any way. It increases the value of the portfolio and the amount of Cameleoncoins increases exactly in conjunction with the increase in the portfolio’s value.
A. Of course. It is not mandatory to store anything at the site. All Lifetime Members will still receive bonuses from the downline according to the bonus system presented in the "PRODUCT" page.
A. Cameleoncoins can not be withdrawn. The company charges a 2% transaction fee on all Camaleoncoin sales, of which an average of 90% is distributed to the members as bonuses. The company wants all the Cameleoncoin trading to be done through the site so its members are eligible for the bonuses. However you can easily exchange your Cameleoncoin to Bitcoin or any other currency that can be easily transferred to any chosen account.