Nordlink Invest Ltd, hereinafter referred to as the Company. Registering as a member you agree to follow the company's Terms of Service. A member may only register persons over 18 years of age. The Company reserves the right to change the terms of informing members about early enough. Sufficient time means (1month) before the change.

Paying the Lifetime membership fee

As a registered member has 14 days to pay "LIFETIME MEMBER" membership fee. The computer will automatically remove an unpaid position after 14 days, if the membership fee has not been paid. The membership fee is always paid Bitcoin.

Direct sale bonus (DSB 20% -25%)

Personal sponsorship the Company will pay a fee of sponsors to 20% lifetime membership fee and the first 14 days increased 25% bonus. These bonus are shown in ”PRODUCT” on page section 1.

Cameleoncoin owner bonus (COB 0% - 15%)

The company pays its members an increased lifetime membership payment volume rates and trade volume rates bonus respect Cameleoncoins owner. What's more is owned by Cameleoncoins, the better commission member receives. These additional bonuses are in addition to the normal 20% (MVB) and 30% (TVB) + owner bonus 0% - 15%. (COB) bonus are shown in ”PRODUCT” on page section 2.

Lifetime member packet network bonus (MVB 30%)

The company will pay each member of the downline "LIFETIME MEMBER" bonus payments in the weaker side of the volume rates. The bonus is 30- 45% of the total volume to the weaker side. These bonus are shown in ”PRODUCT” on page section 3.

Trade volume network bonus (TVB 30%)

The company offers its members the opportunity to buy Bitcoins (fee 1%) and Cameleoncoins (fee 1%) through every member of your site. Purchases and sales fee of up to 1% trading comission. These bonuses credited into members of the upper line of 30% - 45% of the total trading comisión. These bonus are shown in ”PRODUCT” on page section 4.

Payment of bonuses

Payment of bonuses is always on Mondays at 12:00 PM (UTC + 0). A computer program calculates and always pay the bonuses automatically, without a request or a member of operation. Bonus will only be paid the membership paid for "LIFETIME MEMBER" members.


The company's operations are made as open as possible to members. Trading Data will become the world's largest stock exchange through the API interface, and it is public to all. Even non members can see the trades as soon as they are made of. ”HISTORY” assignments made to the page and the actual will immediately appear when the stores' orders are realized. Purchase or sale order levels prior to the implementation of trade is the only chance to see the members.

Bitcoin transfers

The company expects member doing bitcoin deposits 3 bitcoin network confirmations before the transfer is automatically added to a member's account bitcoin. Members have the right to transfer its Bitcoin away from your website by making bitcoin transfer request to a stated bitcoin wallet addressee.

Bank transfers

User can change the Bitcoin euros by selling them to your website and make an account through our web site a transfer request. Cameleoncoins can also change the member through your own website, either directly or Bitcoin euros. The money is transferred to a member of the site to the bank account of a member.


The company's purpose is to create the kind of service to members, which comply with all laws, regulations, ethical good practice rules.


The company's purpose is to develop the site and its service members in the interest of and obtain this operating mode as much as possible new members. Members have been an opportunity to influence the development of activities such. ”CHART” page through the forum.

The company's responsibility for providing the service

The Company is not responsible for indirect damage, such as a breakdown in the exchange of data traffic or waiting for some other disorder that prevents access to price information exchanges. The Company reserves the right to suspend trading in a fault situation during repair. Cameleoncoins for a charge-minute cuts the company for a period of 15-30 minutes of trading. The charging current target being to invest the night time, when it has the least harm to members. New Cameleoncoins charge always informed in good time Company News News and Facebook pages.

The right of reproduction

Copying site images or texts may not be reproduced.